KIPP Healthy Living

Membership Eligibility: All Jefferson Students

Membership Dues or Fees: None

Description: The Jefferson Medical Student run Healthy Living program at KIPP Elementary School aims to teach cohorts of fifth grade students what it means to be healthy and some of the steps children can take to lead a healthy lifestyle. The program runs for thirteen weeks with one hour long session each week scheduled during the fifth grade students’ enrichment period and is organized to address three main categories of health: physical well being, nutrition, and mental health. Any student at Jefferson may be a volunteer. No experience in education is necessary, and students do not have to attend every lesson. Transportation and necessary materials will be provided by the organization. With regard to physical well being, the Healthy Living program will address heart health, exercise, cold and flu transmission, and dental health. By the end of the program, students will have a basic understanding of the cardiovascular system, the effects of exercise on heart rate and heart health, the consequences of not exercising, the different types of exercise and samples of each type that can be completed at home, a general understanding of the common cold and flu virus, how to prevent the spread of cold and flu, the different parts of a tooth and how to properly monitor oral hygiene and tooth brushing. For the second category of nutrition, the program will address the different food groups, nutrition and calories, meal planning, cooking, and the consequences of not eating healthy. At the completion of the program, students will be able to differentiate between the food groups and explain basic health benefits and daily allowance for each group, read and interpret nutrition labels, discriminate between healthy and unhealthy foods, plan and prepare a simple and healthy meal using the resources at their disposal and outline some of the consequences of not maintaining a healthy diet, mainly in relation to Diabetes and Heart Disease. For the third and final category of mental health, the program will provide sessions on bullying, stress management and coping with anger. Students will learn how to identify a bully, seek help if they have become a victim of bullying or witness an act of bullying, understand what stress is and how it can affect the body, deal with stress using various coping mechanisms, relax using different relaxation techniques, recognize anger and other emotions within themselves, and learn how to express and communicate their feelings in an appropriate way. It is through these main objectives that the Healthy Living program hopes to teach fifth grade students at KIPP Elementary School about their health and establish in them a foundation for a healthy life.


Organization Email:

President: Elise Howell, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Treasurer: Gabriella Rollo, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Education Chair: Emily Bollinger, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Research Coordinator: Harold Salmons, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Research Coordinator: Corrin Hepburn, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Student Organization Advisor: Jeremy Close, MD Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship, Department of Family and Community Medicine
833 Chestnut Street | 215-339-3500