Jefferson Clowns for Medicine

Membership Eligibility: Sidney Kimmel Medical College only

Membership Dues or Fees: None

The mission of Jefferson Clowns for Medicine is to entertain patients at Jefferson Hospital, so that they are distracted or relieved from their health concerns. Our typical events occur on Friday evenings, when we dress up in goofy clown attire and march through some of the local streets on the way to the hospital. We greet many of the people we see on the streets, and are always met with a welcome reception. When we arrive on the floors, we ask patients (usually recommended to us by nursing staff) if they would like a visit, and if so, we run through a 5-10 minute skit we have prepared. There is no membership criteria for the clowning club, but historically it has been medical students. We meet on an average of 2-3 times per month, according to members' academic and personal schedules.


Organization Email:

President: Elyse Andrews, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Treasurer: Alexandra Kirsch, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Vice President: Taylor Shannon, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Secretary: Neil Sood, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Faculty Advisor:

Bruce Fenderson, PhD, Professor, Pathology, Anatomy, Cell Biology
Jefferson Alumni Hall, Suite 263 | 215-503-2256