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2017-18 Sessions

We are in the process of planning our 2017-18 Leadership LIVE sessions and are posting topics and descriptions as they become available.

The abbreviation "LC" indicates the number of Leadership Credits for each session.  Leadership Credits are determined by the content of a session in relation to the length of a session.  Some sessions may be the same length of time but be worth a different number of Leadership Credits as they are weighted differently due to the content and learning experience.


Presenters: Jennifer Fogerty, MSEd, Jennifer M. Gronsky, MA, and Rebecca LeFevre, MSL

Leadership Curriculum: Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership

  • Monday, September 25th – 12:00pm-1:00pm – College Herbut Auditorium
  • Monday, September 25th – 5:30pm-6:30pm – JAH, Brent Auditorium
  • Tuesday, September 26th – 12:00pm-1:00pm – College Foerderer

In this first session, we will provide an overview of the Leadership LIVE program and engage in a discussion on the many definitions and philosophies of leadership.  From there we will transition into a conversation on values and self-awareness, a foundational topic in leadership.  Self-awareness is essential for leaders, and one way to increase your self-awareness is through knowing your values and reflecting upon how they influence your beliefs and actions.  We’ll briefly discuss the principles of values-based leadership and lead participants through an activity to identify their core values.

*NOTE: Some content for this first session will be similar to last year, so you may not wish to repeat this session if you previously attended.

Presenter: Matthew Bonder, MEd

Leadership Curriculum: Diversity, Integrity, Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership

  • Monday, October 9th – 12:00pm-1:00pm – JAH, Eakins Lounge
  • Tuesday, October 10th – 5:30pm-6:30pm – JAH, Brent Auditorium

This session will discuss the concept of “Performative Allyship,” and how it can be harmful to supporting members of the Jefferson community.  Performative Allyship (AKA “ally theater”) can be defined as the act of publicly commodifying the “ally” identity for marginalized communities to garner positive praise or reward (e.g. Facebook likes, comments, post shares, etc.).  We will evaluate the differences between genuine allyship and ally theater.  Participants will be encouraged to participate in a conversation and activities to learn how they, as health care providers, can better support and empower their diverse patient populations and brainstorm plans for continuing their inclusive education.

Presenters: Colleen Dempsey, MS, RT(R) and Chris Miciek, MA

Leadership Curriculum: Diversity, Integrity, Service

  • Monday, October 23rd – 5:30pm-6:30pm – JAH, Brent Auditorium
  • Tuesday, October 24th - 12:00pm-1:00pm – JAH, Eakins Lounge

Cultivating wisdom and intentional exercising of ethical reasoning moves the individual beyond the technique of leadership and into the realm of making good decisions.  Working through the steps of ethical reasoning and applying the various paradigms of ethical decision making incorporates a broader perspective of one’s leadership. This session will focus on applying ethical reasoning steps through evaluation and discussion of case studies. Participants will be provided with tools to analyze situations and exercise ethical reasoning in order to apply these techniques in their personal and professional lives. Participants will leave the session empowered to approach decision making in an ethical manner that considers multiple perspectives.

Presenters: La’Verne Webb, MA and Guest Presenter: Don Trahan, Jr., PhD 

Leadership Curriculum: Principles of Leadership

  • Monday, November 6th- 12:00pm-1:00pm – JAH, Eakins Lounge
  • Wednesday, November 8th - 5:30pm-6:30pm – JAH, Eakins Lounge

This session will focus on discussion about the reactions to the President’s proposal to build a physical wall as a basis for reflecting on the various invisible internal and external walls that we build, and the impact they have on our interpersonal relationships. Participants will engage in activities to help them discover how to recognize personal barriers (walls) and will be given the tools to annihilate these walls.

Presenters: Rebecca LeFevre, MSL, Marybeth Pavlik, MSN, RN, and Guest Presenter: Lisa Vernaza, MPA 

Leadership Curriculum: TBD

  • Tuesday, November 14th – 5:30pm-7:30pm – JAH, Atrium

Description: This interactive and impactful session will include a dining experience where participants are randomly assigned to upper, middle, or lower class income groups representing the actual current distribution of wealth in our country.  Participants will learn more about hunger, poverty, socioeconomics, the distribution of wealth in the United States, and resource access and its impact on nutrition.  This event is designed to give students a deeper understanding of these issues to foster their ability to demonstrate an important leadership quality, empathy, when encountering individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Presenters: James Dyksen, MSEd, Chris Miciek, MA, and Briana Schwartz, MA 

Leadership Curriculum: Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership 

  • Tuesday, November 28th – 5:30pm-6:30pm – JAH, Brent Auditorium
  • Wednesday, November 29th – 12:00pm-1:-00pm – JAH, Room 407

Effective leadership includes critical self-reflection as a component of good goal-setting and decision-making. Self-reflection enables us to move past mere reaction by allowing us to identify the dynamics in ourselves, others, and our contexts, and then thoughtfully determine appropriate actions and steps to take.

This session will explore the benefits of, and techniques for, engaging in self-reflection as a regular practice. A focus will be on developing practices of reflective writing, with opportunities to begin that practice.  The goal is for participants to be better able to find practical avenues for critical reflection, and to develop habits that promote thoughtful awareness, good planning, and informed adaptation designed to encourage improvement, growth, and effective leadership.

*NOTE: The above program is being offered collaboratively with the Humanities and Health Series.  Students may earn dual credit in both the Leadership LIVE and the Humanities and Health Series by attending this program.   

Guest Presenter: Charles A. Pohl, MD

Leadership Curriculum:  Integrity, Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership

  • Wednesday, January 10th – 5:30pm-7:00pm - JAH, Brent Auditorium

Description:  Become a visionary leader by learning how to frame one's thoughts and use forward vision thinking to develop and execute a strategic plan. 

Presenter: La’Verne Webb, MA and Guest Presenter: Sabrina Umstead-Smith

Leadership Curriculum: Principles of Leadership

  • Monday, January 22nd – 12:00pm-1:00pm – JAH, Eakins Lounge
  • Tuesday, January 23th – 5:30pm-6:30pm –  JAH, Brent Auditorium

Respect.  What is it?  This session will explore the meaning of respect in human relationships and its importance in overcoming the negative impact of prejudice, bias, racism, and stereotypes. Students will engage in group activities that demonstrate the importance of appreciating the diversities of others and welcoming the qualities that cultural inclusion brings.

Guest Presenter:  James Dyksen, MSEd, Lisa Kozlowski, PhD, Anna Miller, MBA, and Tep Ros, MPA

Leadership Curriculum: Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership, Service, Teamwork

  • Monday, February 5th – 5:30pm-7:30pm - Hamilton, Connelly Auditorium

The current political climate has individuals paying special attention to issues that affect our country’s citizens at personal, local, and national levels.  Additionally, Jefferson encourages students to take on leadership roles within one’s community or chosen profession.  Have you felt moved to speak up, advocate, or otherwise take action on one or more issues of importance, but felt unsure about what steps to take to organize, to garner support, to form coalitions, or to effectively promote real change – while being a busy full-time student in a challenging Jefferson program? 

During this event you will have the opportunity to hear from a panel predominantly made up of Jefferson students who have worked to organize, advocate, and/or take political action. The panel will discuss issues related to advocacy and political action efforts while a student, and will respond to questions. In addition to the panel discussion, participants will also engage in a workshop focused on appropriate and effective coalition building. 

Presenters: Everette Nichols, MA and Kenneth Lastowka, MS

Leadership Curriculum: Diversity, Integrity, Personal and Professional Development

  • Monday, February 19th – 12:00pm-1:00pm - JAH, Eakins Lounge
  • Tuesday, February 20th – 5:30pm-6:30pm - JAH, Brent Auditorium  

Students will learn about personal identities, perception of self, and how those thoughts can sometimes influence the way that we view others and ourselves.  Discussion will include topics such as gender gaps in test scores, success in math and science, the perceived higher levels of athleticism of Black men compared to their White counterparts, etc.  Looking at several resources and experiments this presentation will address the wide ranging and real effects of stereotyping. Additionally, this session will teach students how to combat the pressures of stereotype threat and how students can help make a difference in their communities as leaders.

Presenters:  Morgan Portugal, MSEd and Tep Ros, MPA  

Leadership Curriculum: Personal and Professional Development

  • Monday, March 5th – 5:30pm-6:30pm - JAH, Brent Auditorium
  • Tuesday, March 6th - 12:00pm-1:00pm – JAH, Brent Auditorium 

Millennials are the fastest-growing generation in the workforce but when it comes to the workplace, millennials sometimes get a bad reputation. In this session we will take an authentic look at the stereotypes and trends of millennials and discuss how to overcome these challenges. We aim to empower participants to use their millennial assets to exceed expectations of workplace bias. Additionally, participants will receive a guide with tips to help navigate life. #winning

Presenter: Briana Schwartz, MA

Leadership Curriculum: Personal and Professional Development, Principles of Leadership, Teamwork

  • Monday, March 19th  – 12:00pm-1:00pm - JAH, Eakins Lounge
  • Tuesday, March 20th - 5:30pm-6:30pm - JAH, Brent Auditorium

Effective, empathetic communication is a crucial aspect of leadership, and such communication depends on the ability to listen actively and learn from those around us without interruption or judgment. This session will discuss some of the underlying principles and benefits of active listening while providing attendees with tools to improve their own active listening skills in academic, professional, and personal settings.


Additional opportunities to earn Leadership Credits include the following:

Leadership Portfolio (2LC)

Leadership in Action: Serving the Community (2LC) - Service Activities