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RAP instructions for MAC Users

Bullet Points for RAP for Mac Users:

  • The Remote Access Portal allows users to access the secure Jefferson network from locations off campus.  All users have general access to RAP for specific functions such as accessing HR, benefits and payroll information.  IS&T is also able to expand RAP access for users to other applications as needed.  To request extended access, go to from the secure network. 
  • The Remote Access Portal is “operating system agnostic,” meaning users can access the portal from both Windows and Mac devices.  However, the RAP portal requires a JAVA plugin on your device in order to present information.  In response to Oracle’s past history of security issues with Java, Microsoft and Apple took very different approaches to resolving the security problem.  While Microsoft retains Java plug-ins on Windows devices, Apple has chosen to provide Mac OS patches and updates with code that removes all remnants of Java plug-ins from their devices whenever updates are installed.  This will require Mac users who wish to use RAP to re-install updated Java plug-ins on their Mac devices. 

Download the instructions for Mac users to follow after Mac OS updates and patches are downloaded to their devices.  Users are not required to know if the plug-ins are on the devices; they can run the checker provided on the Java site.  IS&T recommends following the instructions in order to download Java:

Juniper Systems, makers of the RAP secure portal platform, are working to provide an HTML5 version of the RAP portal, which replaces the required Java plug-in.   Please return to this location for updated information as it is made available.