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Highlighted Publications

Hojat, M. and LaNoue, M.  Exploration and confirmation of the latent variable structure of the Jefferson scale of empathy, Jefferson scale of empathy. International Journal of Medical Education, 5, 73-81

This publication marks the beginning of my interest in evaluating empathy as an indicator of patient-centeredness.

Helitzer, D.L., LaNoue, M., Wilson, B., Warner, T., and Roter, D. A randomized controlled trial of communication training with primary care providers to improve patient-centeredness and health risk communicationPatient Education & Counseling, 82(1), 22-29.

This publication has been cited 24 times for its contributions to the provider training literature, as well as the patient-centered communication literature.

Weinstein, L.C., LaNoue, M., Hurley, K., Sifri, R., and Myers, R. Using concept mapping to explore barriers and facilitators to breast cancer screening in formerly homeless women with serious mental illness.  Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 26(3), 908-925.

Recent Publications