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Highlighted Publications

Juon HS, Strong C, Kim F, Park E, Lee S. (in press) Lay health worker intervention improved compliance with hepatitis B vaccination in Asian Americans: Randomized Controlled Trial. PLOS ONE.

This paper aimed to evaluate the effect of lay health worker (LHW) telephone intervention on completing a series of hepatitis B virus vaccinations among Asian Americans.

Juon HS, Lee S, Strong C, Rimal R, Bowie J, G Kirk. (2014). Effect of a liver cancer education program on hepatitis B screening among Asian Americans in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, 2009-2010. Preventing Chronic Disease, 11:130258.

We tested the effectiveness of a culturally tailored liver cancer education program for increasing screening among Asian Americans. (PDF)

Lee S, Chen L, He X, Miller MJ, Juon HS. (2013). A cluster analytic examination of acculturation and health status among Asian Americans in the Washington DC metropolitan area, United States.  Social Science & Medicine, 96, 17-23.

This study constructed the acculturation clusters by using multiple measures of acculturation. We created three acculturation clusters: Asian, Bicultural, and American. We found that more acculturated individuals were more likely to report good health than those who were less acculturated. (PDF)


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