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Research Projects

Research Projects

Genetic Evaluation of Men (GEM) Registry

A registry of men with and at risk for prostate cancer to evaluate genetic and environmental determinants of inherited prostate cancer to inform genetic testing for prostate cancer. Data collection includes medical history, family history, behavioral data as well as DNA for research.

Multigene panel testing sub-study of the GEM Registry

Offers a clinically available 25-cancer gene test to men with and at risk for prostate cancer. The goal is to evaluate the spectrum of variants in prostate cancer using clinically-validated methods.

Cancer Genetics Risk Registry

A registry of patients with any cancer or at-risk individuals evaluated for genetic risk.  Data collection includes  medical, family history, behavioral data as well as DNA for cancer risk research.

Molecular Screening for Lynch Syndrome in Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer

A study to determine if tumor tissue testing (immunohistochemistry) of upper tract urothelial biopsies can be used to identify patients who may have Lynch Syndrome and describe correlating genetic test results.

Inherited Cancer Risk Evaluation – the ICARE Study

Assess genetic counseling and germline genetic testing of patients with specific mutations identified on tumor sequencing to characterize the germline genetic spectrum among these patients.