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Research Projects

Research Projects

Effect of Platelet Microparticles on Endothelial Cell Function

Activated platelets release microparticles (MPs) which contain RNA and protein. These MPs have been shown to deliver miRNAs to endothelial cells in culture and alter the level of RNAs in these cells. We are studying the effect of MP-delivered miRNAs  on endothelial cell biology.

Functionalization of Genomic Data in Megakaryocytes & Platelets

Genome wide association studies have identified ~50 loci in the human genome associated with heart attacks. However, neither the genetic variant responsible for the increased risk nor the cell type in which it functions has been identified. We are developing methods to identify which locus-linked genes are functional in platelets and the effect the common variants have on their expression and function.

Use of transcriptomics to Identify Causes of Altered Platelet Function

Arterial hypertension is associated with thrombotic events due to platelet activation. The exact mechanism by which hypertensive platelets become more sensitive to agonist stimulation is unknown. We have collected platelet miRNA from healthy and pre-hypertensive subjects and found association between miRNA level and blood pressure.  We will use this data to identify differentially expressed genes responsible for the increased function in platelets.