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Prerequisites for Conducting Clinical Research

Below is a guide to the minimum requirements necessary in order to participate in clinical research projects at TJU. 

You can also click on the link to the right to download a PDF copy of the guide.

Prerequisites for Conducting Clinical Research

  1. Biomedical Research Certification (HIPPA incl.) 14 modules
  2. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 14 modules
    Full complement required only once (Refresher course every two years)
    Contact: Kathleen Avender - 215-503-9820
    Instructions - Jefferson Office of Human Research/IRB
  3. Responsible Conduct of Research / Conflict of Interest Training course @3 modules
    Upon hire or new to research and every 4 years
    Contact: Janyce Lingo - 215-503-0758
    Instructions – Jefferson Office of University Counsel

B. Disclosure of COI: Done annually via an online system

  • Jefferson Faculty and Employees - Complete annually via online system
    *Students must contact Janyce Lingo

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Kathleen O'Malley, RN, BSN, CCRP
Manager of Education and Training

*Updated July 25th, 2017