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David J. Whellan, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA
James C. Wilson Professor of Medicine
Associate Provost for Clinical Research,
Thomas Jefferson University
Associate Dean for Clinical Research,
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Executive Director, Jefferson Clinical Research Institute


1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 317
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-2636
(215) 503-7420 fax


Laura Vinci, RN MBA

Laura Vinci, RN MBA
Senior Director of Operations

Contact Ms. Vinci

1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 317
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-4883
(215) 503-7420 fax

Suzanne Adams, RN, MPH

Suzanne Adams, RN MPH
Director of Clinical Operations

Contact Ms. Adams

1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 317
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-8848
(215) 503-7420 fax

Ron Polizzi, MBA CRA

Ron Polizzi, MBA CRA
Director of Business Operations

Contact Mr. Polizzi

125 S. 9th Street
2nd Floor Sheridan
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-2127
(215) 503-2365 fax

Teri Manning, SPHR SHRN-SPC

Teri Manning, SPHR SHRM-SPC
Senior Project Manager, PIER and JCRI

Contact Ms. Manning

1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 317
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-1396
(215) 503-7420 fax

JCRI Operations Management Personnel

Name / Title Email Phone
Anup Bogineni, MPH
Financial Analyst 215-503-4075
Erica Brown
Project Specialist 215-503-3032
Aisha Clark
Administrative Assistant 215-955-2636
Kathleen O'Malley, RN BSN CCRP
Manager of Education and Training 215-503-4079
Paul Park
Manager of Clinical Research Systems 215-503-4070

JCRI Business Operations Personnel

Name / Title Email Phone
Michael Caggiano
Associate Director of Business Operations 215-503-4746
Jenny Campbell, MS MBA
Team Lead, Business Operations 215-503-4282
Jennifer Lott
Team Lead, Business Operations 215-955-2546
Jason Salvatore
Senior Research Administrator, Contracts 215-955-2895
Jacqueline Bolton
Administrative Assistant 215-955-2579
Rashada Dawson
Clinical Research Administrator 215-503-6976
Kelly Huhn
Clinical Research Administrator 215-503-4105
Susan Kravitz
Clinical Research Administrator, Contracts 215-503-9819
Alex LeBrun, MBA
Clinical Research Administrator 215-955-9273
NaTaza Stanford
Clinical Research Administrator 215-503-4265
Steven Zameito
Clinical Research Administrator 215-955-0602

JCRI Clinical Operations Personnel

Name / Title Email Phone
Barbara Gallagher, RN
Senior Team Lead 215-955-8184
Johanna Yates, MS
Team Lead, Regulatory 215-503-7572
Lea Capobianco
Regulatory Coordinator  
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Clinical Research Coordinator 215-955-8165
Doreen Franklin
Clinical Research Assistant 215-955-9141
Devon Magee
Clinical Research Coordinator 215-955-8264
Melissa McCarey, MPH Administrator for TJU 215-503-7417
Bret Mullin
Clinical Research Coordinator 215-955-8986
Arrikka Mullins
Clinical Research Coordinator  
Andrew Murray, RN BSN 
Clinical Research Nurse 215-955-5759
David Phuong, RN BSN
Clinical Research Nurse  
Daniel Schwegler, RN BSN
Clinical Research Nurse 215-503-8671
Bridget Toroni, MS
Research Assistant 215-503-4280
Michelle Wong
Clinical Research Coordinator