Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Faculty Scholarly Activity

Jefferson College of Population Health faculty engage in research and scholarly activities in various aspects of population health, including: healthcare quality and safety; health economics and health outcomes; public health; comparative effectiveness; and health services research, especially as it pertains social determinants of health.  In keeping with our holistic perspective, these activities are frequently the product of collaborations across the Jefferson enterprise and with other stakeholders, agencies and entities in the wider community.


Areas of Specialization

Nancy Chernett, MA, MPH

Gerontology – Family Caregiving, Healthy Aging; Cultural Humility and Competence in Health and Human Services Delivery

Albert Crawford, PhD, MBA

Healthcare Quality and Safety; Quality Measurement and Improvement; Quality Measure Development; Outcomes Research;  Pharmacoeconomics;  Health Services Research; Health Information Technology

David Delgado, PhD

Health Economics and Outcomes Research; Population Health Sciences Research Design; Cancer Health Disparities (Hispanic focus); Service Learning

Drew Harris, DPM, MPH

Population Health; Health Policy; Vaccine Exemption Policies; Health Advocacy; Public Health Preparedness; Public Health Workforce Development

Joseph Jackson, PhD, MS

Health Outcomes Research; Health Economics; Epidemiology;  Research Design; Systematic Review; Modeling; Comparative Effectiveness and Health Policy

Richard Jacoby, MD

Electronic Medical Records; Pay For Performance; Evidence-Based Guidelines; Process Re-Engineering in Health Care

Amy Leader

Behavioral Science; Cancer Prevention and Control; Health Communication; Adolescent Health

Robert Lieberthal, PhD

Health Economics;  Health Finance; Health Insurance; Health Risk Management

Vittorio Maio, PharmD, MSPH

Health Outcomes Analysis; Medication Usage  and Policy  in special populations (elderly and pregnant women); Healthcare Quality and Safety

John McAna, PhD

Epidemiology; Outcomes Research;  Health Services Research;  Cost and Utilization Analysis; Quality Measurement and Provider Evaluation

Russell McIntire, PhD

Epidemiology; Social and Behavioral Theory; Geographic Information Systems; Tobacco Control; Community Health

James Pelegano, MD, MS

Healthcare Quality and Safety (measurement, outcomes, tools and applications); Clinical Systems Development; Building International Healthcare Capacity (service delivery, workforce development, quality improvement)

Martha Romney, BSN, MS, JD, MPH

Bioethics; Public Health Law, Policy and Advocacy; Employer Health Coalitions and Employee Health and Wellness; Obesity; Disparities in cancer; Medical-legal Partnerships; Cultural Humility and Competence in Health Care

Rob Simmons, DrPH, MPH, MCHES, CPH

Public Health; Health Education; Health Promotion; Global Health; Chronic Disease Prevention and Control;  Health Literacy, Public Health Policy and Advocacy, Latino/a Health