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Listening to the Brain in Real Time


Neurosurgeon Ashwini Sharan, MD

Neurosurgeon Ashwini Sharan, MD

Epilepsy can be due to genetics, a head injury or issues during birth, but the general cause is widely unknown. This neurological disorder causes an individual to have repeated seizures, or episodes of disturbed brain activity.

Ashwini Sharan, MD, director of the Functional Neurosurgery and Neuroimplantation Center at Jefferson recently spoke with the New York Times about direct brain recording, a way neuroscientists can listen to brain activity in patients suffering from epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

The article focused on a major federal initiative in direct brain recording that enables neuroscientists to “listen to the brain’s internal dialogue in real time.”

Jefferson is a member of a consortium of research institutions involved in the $40 million research initiative by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which seeks to find new ways to treat traumatic brain injury, a major injury of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“These readings are of great clinical value; the results help us not only ask basic questions about brain function but guide our decisions about what to do,” said Dr. Sharan.

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