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A rare case of Clostridium septicum aortitis with colon adenocarcinoma

Arterial protocol including prophylactic distal perfusion catheter decreases limb ischemia complications in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Symptomatic compression of right iliac vein after right iliac artery stent placement

Evaluation and management of axillary artery injury: The orthopaedic and vascular surgeon's perspective

Atypical Mycotic Aortic Aneurysms

Endovascular Repair of Ruptured Infected Arteries as a Temporizing Measure Versus Destination Therapy

Median arcuate ligament syndrome - Review of this rare disease

Autologous human plasma in stem cell culture and cryopreservation in the creation of a tissue-engineered vascular graft

Living scaffolds: surgical repair using scaffolds seeded with human adipose-derived stem cells

The first assessment of operative logs for traditional vascular fellowship track versus integrated vascular training programs Presented at the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting of the New England Society for Vascular Surgery and Eastern Vascular Society, Boston, Mass, September 11-14, 2014.

eNOS transfection of adipose-derived stem cells yields bioactive nitric oxide production and improved results in vascular tissue engineering

Posterior tibial vein aneurysm presenting as tarsal tunnel syndrome

In vitro effects of tamoxifen on adipose-derived stem cells

Sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes the differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells into endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) expressing endothelial-like cells

Hybrid endovascular treatment of an aberrant right subclavian artery with Kommerell aneurysm

Middle aortic coarctation

Venous cystic adventitial disease of the common femoral vein

Endovascular treatment of celiac axis aneurysm with a covered stent: Case presentation and review of the literature

Chronic mesenteric ischemia after partial coverage of the celiac artery during TEVAR, case report, and review of the literature

Endothelial differentiation of diabetic adipose-derived stem cells