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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Information overload; a response to "Turn down for what? Patient outcomes associated with declining increased infectious risk kidneys"
  2. Successful treatment of donor-derived hepatitis C viral infection in three transplant recipients from a donor at increased risk for bloodborne pathogens
  3. Association of inflammation prior to kidney transplantation with post-transplant diabetes mellitus
  4. KDPI score is a strong predictor of future graft function: Moderate KDPI (35-85) and high KDPI (> 85) grafts yield similar graft function and survival
  5. Sensitization trends after renal allograft failure: The role of DQ eplet mismatches in becoming highly sensitized
  6. Incidence and outcomes of cytomegalovirus in pancreas transplantation with steroid-free immunosuppression
  7. Need to consider full societal impact of hepatitis B virus-positive donors
  8. Francis Daniels moore: One of the brightest minds in the surgical field
  9. Allotransplantation for Malignancy
  10. Impact of recipient age on whole organ pancreas transplantation
  11. Comparison of pulsatile perfusion and cold storage for paired kidney allografts
  12. Induction immunosuppression with rabbit antithymocyte globulin in pediatric liver transplantation
  13. Ipsilateral placement of simultaneous pancreas and kidney allografts
  14. Promising early results with immunosuppression using rabbit anti-thymocyte globulin and steroids with delayed introduction of tacrolimus in adult liver transplant recipients