Gerald A. Isenberg, MD, FACS

Gerald A. Isenberg, MD, FACS

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Reducing colorectal surgical site infections: a novel, resident-driven, quality initiative
  2. Polyp detection rates among body mass index categories at first screening colonoscopy
  3. Remembering Dr. Henry W. Gray (1827-1861) and his timeless contribution to modern medical education
  4. Colonic adenocarcinoma presenting as sigmoidorectal intussusception: A consideration for intussusception reduction
  5. Two separate colorectal granular cell tumors
  6. Solitary fibrous tumor at the anal margin
  7. Training the millennial generation: Understanding the new generation of learners entering colon and rectal residency
  8. Underlying construct of empathy, optimism, and burnout in medical students
  9. Evaluation of the validity of medical students' self-assessments of proficiency in clinical simulations
  10. WISE-MD usage among millennial medical students
  11. Malignant tumors of the anal canal
  12. Anastomotic leaks after colorectal anastomosis occurring more than 30 days postoperatively: A single-institution evaluation
  13. Jefferson interprofessional clinical rounding project: An innovative approach to patient care
  14. A novel approach to assessing technical competence of colorectal surgery residents: The development and evaluation of the colorectal objective structured assessment of technical skill (COSATS)
  15. American Society of Anesthesiologists class and Charlson's Comorbidity index as predictors of postoperative colorectal anastomotic leak: A single-institution experience
  16. Psychometrics of the scale of attitudes toward physician-pharmacist collaboration: A study with medical students
  17. Technical skills acquisition in surgery-bound senior medical students: An evaluation of student assertiveness
  18. Evaluation of the use of patient-focused simulation for student assessment in a surgery clerkship
  19. Anorectal disease
  20. Anastomotic leak rate after low anterior resection for rectal cancer after chemoradiation therapy