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Ultrasound Diagnostic and Educational Center (Kiev, Ukraine)

Nella Volik, MD

Affiliate Center Director:
Nella Volik, MD

Staff Members

Victoria A. Serdyuk, MD, coordinator of the program on endocrinology
Nina V. Sopina, MD, associate professor of internal medicine
Sergey A. Grabovetsky, MD, coordinator of the program on urology
Dr. Andriy I. Chubatiy, manager of obstetrics and gynecology program
Dr. Dmitry Y. Bakbardin, coordinator of Telemedicine project

Educational Opportunities

The Ultrasound Diagnostic and Educational Center (UDEC) was established thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Center, the Acuson Corporation and the Open Society Institute.

Since 1998 UDEC is part of National Medical University in Kiev. It's location at Central Hospital in Kiev allows the Center to provide consultative support to various departments of the Hospital, including the departments of gynecology, urology, surgery, and therapy.

The Center's examination room is equipped with an Acuson 128XP/10, classroom, clinical and study support facilities, including video based facilities for self-study. For lectures, various auditoriums of the University are utilized.

We have three main priorities:

Patient care

Ultrasound procedures provided in center:

  • general studies (abdomen, urinary system, breast, thyroid gland, male and female genitalia);
  • transvaginal US;
  • sonohysterography (US guided tubal patency);
  • carotid and trascranial US;
  • fetal assessment;
  • assessment of intervertebral disks structure and evaluation of blood flow.

Medical Education

Three level Ultrasound Educational Program:

First level - Basic US course for medical students of third year of education;
Second level - Elective US course for graduating students;
Third level - Short term US courses for GP & Sonologists on:

  • US in gynecology;
  • US of thyroid gland disease;
  • Echocardiography in pediatric practice;
  • Doppler Ultrasound in hepatology;
  • US anatomy of human internal organs.

Video self-education course is also available.
Monthly seminars on various topics of clinical application of US for physicians in the Kiev region.

Clinical Research
All studies are carried out in collaboration with clinical centers in Kiev.
Current projects include:

  • US & infertility;
  • US & thyroid pathology in light of Chernobyl accident;
  • US & vertebro-basilaris blood flow disorders and intervertebral disks pathology;

Also we work at:

  • Development of application of Telemedicine in Educational process and Information Exchange in association with Laboratory of Telemedicine headed by Oleg B. Dynnik, MD.
  • WEB popularization of medical knowledge of modern methods of diagnostics, treatment, prophylaxis and healthy way of life.

Contact Information

Nella Volik, MD
Department of Radiology
Kiev Medical University
National Medical University
34 Pobeda Prospect
Kiev, 252057 Ukraine


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