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Moscow US Affiliation Center (Moscow, Russia)

Professor Alexandr Zubarev, MD, PhD

Affiliate Center Director:
Professor Alexandr Zubarev, MD, PhD
Chief Radiology Chair Postgraduate Education & Research Medical Center
Medical Center of the General Management Department of the President of Russian Federat

Date Center Established

November, 1998


Veronika Gazhonova, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Irina Y. Nasnikova, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Helen P. Shevchenko, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Educational Programming Opportunities

  • Basic Ultrasound
  • Advanced Ultrasound Techniques
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • 3D Ultrasound in Clinical Practice

Brief Highlights

Through November-December we have graduated 5 doctors from Russia upgrading their knowledge on Advanced Ultrasound during a 3 week course. A Doctor passed through Basic course Ultrasound during an 8 week educational program. Prof. Alexander Zubarev - director of Moscow US Affiliation center - participated in the 2002 RSNA meeting and delivered a scientific presentation: "3D Virtual US of kidney vessels".

Contact Information

+7 (095) 149-58-27 fax

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