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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Advanced Imaging Applications for Endovascular Procedures
  2. Approaching the upper thoracic vertebrate without sternotomy or thoracotomy: A radiographic analysis with clinical application
  3. Optic gliomas
  4. Imaging of sellar and parasellar pathology
  5. Forecasting motor recovery after cervical spinal cord injury: Value of MR imaging
  6. Performance of neuroradiologic examinations by nonradiologists
  7. Idiopathic acute transverse myelitis: MR imaging findings
  8. Spinal cord multiple sclerosis and devic neuromyelitis optica in children.
  9. X-Linked Pure Familial Spastic Paraparesis: Characterization of a Large Kindred with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies
  10. MR imaging in the diagnosis of intramedullary spinal cord diseases that involve specific neural pathways or vascular territories
  11. MR imaging in a case of postvaccination myelitis
  12. MR of malignant optic glioma of adulthood
  13. Multiple sclerosis in the spinal cord: MR appearance and correlation with clinical parameters
  14. MR imaging: Quality assessment method and ratings at 33 centers
  15. Hypertrophic Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: MR imaging findings [10]
  16. Intradural extramedullary causes of myelopathy
  17. Imaging of radiation changes in the head and neck
  18. Vascular neoplasms and malformations, ischemia, and hemorrhage affecting the spinal cord: MR imaging findings
  19. Intramedullary causes of myelopathy
  20. Metallic artifacts on MR images of the postoperative spine: Reduction with fast spin-echo techniques