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A Family Affair

Before the renovation

On July 15th, members of the Dubbs Family and the Radiology Department gathered to dedicate the Judy Dubbs Learning Center, a welcome expansion of the Main Building’s seventh floor education space.

The renovation was supported by the Judy Dubbs Memorial Research Fund, which until recently, provided support to junior faculty in the form of annual prizes recognizing academic achievement. The remainder of the funds will go to purchase educational materials and support residents’ travel to conferences.

The space and award were named in honor of Judy Dubbs, who was a much-loved research and education administrator in the Department from 1992 until her passing in February 2000 from pancreatic cancer.

Though her primary role was as an administrator, she took an interest in faculty members’ work, often participating in projects and even being listed as an author. Using her well-developed sense of what made a good scientific study, she often guided researchers to worthwhile projects. “Judy helped me get my start in research,” says Ethan Halpern, MD, vice chair for research, who recalls working closely with her as a junior member of Jefferson’s faculty.

“When she was sick, she worked in her office as long as she was able and then remotely from home,” says her husband, Robert Dubbs, who spoke of how his wife left no stone unturned in finding extramural funding for her doctors.

After the renovation

Robert was joined at the classroom’s dedication by his daughter Lisa and her husband, Bill, along with their sons Jacob and Josh. Their daughter Joely, named for her grandmother, was not able to attend. His other daughter Nicole and Matt, her husband, used the room’s tele-conferencing technology to view and participate in the ceremony from their home.

Also present were many of Judy’s colleagues and past winners of the “Judy Dubbs Award,” who gathered to reflect on the helping hand that Judy and her family have given to budding Jefferson radiologists over the years.

“Judy did not wait for the storm to pass and was always able to move ahead and dance in the rain” says Robert, who donated additional funds at the dedication ceremony to support education and cancer imaging research. In that spirit, he and his family are helping the Department move forward with its commitment to training innovative physician-researchers, ensuring they are prepared for the demands of the digitally interconnected future the field of medicine is headed for.

The Dubbs family remains grateful to all of the Department’s members and alumni who have steadfastly supported the Memorial Fund over the years.