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Taoran Li, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Exploring the Margin Recipe for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer: An Intrafractional Seminal Vesicles Motion Analysis
  2. Diode-based transmission detector for IMRT delivery monitoring: A validation study
  3. Atlas-guided prostate intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) planning
  4. Knowledge modeling for computer aided treatment planning
  5. Impact of dose calculation accuracy during optimization on lung IMRT plan quality
  6. Quality assurance for online adapted treatment plans: Benchmarking and delivery monitoring simulation
  7. Quantitative comparison of automatic and manual IMRT optimization for prostate cancer: The benefits of DVH prediction
  8. Single Institution's Dosimetry and IGRT Analysis of Prostate SBRT
  9. TH‐C‐137‐11: Dose‐Guided Automatic IMRT Planning: A Feasibility Study
  10. Strategies for automatic online treatment plan reoptimization using clinical treatment planning system: A planning parameters study
  11. TH‐C‐137‐08: Dosimetric Quality of An Automatic IMRT Planning Method for Head and Neck Cancer Cases
  12. SU‐E‐CAMPUS‐T‐05: Quality Evaluation of An Automatic VMAT Planning Method for Head and Neck Cancer Cases
  13. SU‐E‐T‐626: Individualized Trade‐Off of Dose Coverage and Sparing in IMRT Planning
  14. MO‐D‐BRB‐10: Modeling Inter‐Patient Variation of Organ‐At‐Risk Sparing in IMRT Plans: An Evidence‐Based Plan Quality Evaluation
  15. MO‐D‐BRB‐09: Treatment Delivery QA for Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy Based on Dynamic Machine Information (DMI): A Feasibility Study
  16. SU‐E‐T‐406: Online Image‐Guidance for Prostate SBRT: Dosimetric Benefits and Margin Analysis
  17. SU‐E‐J‐16: Prostate Bed Motion during Post‐Prostatectomy Radiotherapy
  18. Adaptive radiation therapy: Technical components and clinical applications
  19. Adaptive prostate IGRT combining online re-optimization and re-positioning: A feasibility study
  20. Response to comment on: A planning quality evaluation tool for prostate adaptive IMRT based on machine learning' Med. Phys. 38, 719 (2011)