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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Underlying construct of empathy, optimism, and burnout in medical students
  2. Who's your expert? Use of an expert opinion survey to inform development of american psychiatric association practice guidelines
  3. Leadership considerations for executive vice chairs, new chairs, and chairs in the 21st century
  4. Are medical students being taught invasive skills using simulation?
  5. Psychometrics of the scale of attitudes toward physician-pharmacist collaboration: A study with medical students
  6. A four factor model of systems-based practices in psychiatry
  7. The devil is in the third year: A longitudinal study of erosion of empathy in medical school
  8. Barriers to recovery and recommendations for change: The pennsylvania consensus conference on psychiatry's role
  9. Psychiatric evaluation of adults: Second edition
  10. The tipping point from private practice to publicly funded settings for early- and mid-career psychiatrists
  11. Empathy in medical students as related to specialty interest, personality, and perceptions of mother and father
  12. Medical symptoms associated with tobacco smoking with and without marijuana abuse among crack cocaine-dependent patients
  13. Relationship of serum prolactin with severity of drug use and treatment outcome in cocaine dependence
  14. Academic performance of psychiatrists compared to other specialists before, during, and after medical school
  15. Pre-treatment measures of impulsivity, aggression and sensation seeking are associated with treatment outcome for African-American cocaine-dependent patients
  16. Differences in peripheral noradrenergic function among actively drinking and abstinent alcohol-dependent individuals
  17. Comparison of Pretreatment Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes for Alcohol-, Cocaine-, and Multisubstance-Dependent Patients
  18. Relationship between seroton in transporter gene polymorphisms and platelet serotonin transporter sites among African-American cocaine-dependent individuals and healthy volunteers
  19. ACGME research requirements for residents in psychiatry.
  20. Relationship of Aggression, Sensation Seeking, and Impulsivity, with Severity of Cocaine Use