Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Scholarly Tracks for Residents

Scholarly tracks help residents develop deeper understanding of a specific area of interest.  They are designed to provide formal education along with experiences tailored to the resident’s interests and give them a level of expertise for use in their future careers. Residents meet with one of the program directors to discuss specific areas of interest.  Once decided, the resident is assigned to the track’s faculty mentor for specific assignments and guidance in academic projects. All tracks teach the resident skills in public speaking, scientific writing and presentation, education, and administration.

Track Faculty Mentor
Addiction Medicine Abigail Kay, MD
Child Psychiatry James Luebbert, MD
Forensic Psychiatry Solange Margery Bertoglia, MD
Geriatric Psychiatry Barry Rovner, MD
Mood Disorders Rajnish Mago, MD
Pain Medicine Mitchell Cohen, MD
Psychoanalysis Salman Akhtar, MD
Psychosomatic Medicine Elisabeth Kunkel, MD
Schizophrenia Kenneth M. Certa, MD
Sleep Disorders Karl Doghramji, MD
Student Mental Health Deanna Nobleza, MD
Women’s Mental Health Madeleine Becker, MD