Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


During PGY-4, residents devote the equivalent of two days per week fulfilling electives from a wide range of rotations including, but not limited to, Sleep Disorders, Pain Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Substance Abuse, and Eating Disorders.

Electives may involve clinical, research, or scholarly work at either Jefferson or another institution. Most residents accomplish their electives in the greater Philadelphia area. Other residents have arranged to complete their electives in other metropolitan areas or states.

Important notes:

  • Both salary and malpractice insurance for residents on away electives are paid by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.
  • No matter the location of electives, all PG-4 residents are required to work half time at a Jefferson outpatient clinic.
  • The following list provides the most commonly chosen electives by Jefferson residents. It is not inclusive:
Child Psychiatry - Clinical or Research Experience Dr. J. Luebbert 215-955-8180
Integrative Medicine Dr. D. Monti 215-955-0818
Consultation Psychiatry Dr. E. Kunkel 215-955-6685
Couples and Family Therapy Dr. S. Treat 215-382-6680
Eating Disorders at Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment Dr. B. Itskov 215-581-5489
215-879-2443 (fax)
Practice of ECT in General Adult and Geriatric Inpatients and Outpatients Dr. R. Pelchat 215-928-4770
EEG Biofeedback and Integrative Psychotherapy Dr. M. Berman 610-940-0488
Epilepsy & Related Behavioral Problems Dr. M. Sperling 215-955-1234
Forensic Psychiatry Dr. S. Margery 215-955-6105
Haverford College of Student Health Service
NOTE: elective must be set up by the end of February or beginning of March at the latest
Dr. R. Ergas 610-896-1290
Hypnosis Dr. C. Margolis 215-592-8165
Managed Care, Public Sector Dr. G. Gardiner 215-413-7187
Mood Disorders Dr. R. Mago 215-955-9474
Senior Supervisory Inpatient Elective Dr. J. Beatty 215-955-8333
Sleep Disorders Dr. K. Doghramji 215-955-6175
Substance Abuse – Clinical or Research Experience Dr. A. Kay 215-735-5979
Swarthmore College/Psychological Service
NOTE: elective must be set up by the end of February or beginning of March at the latest
Dr. J. Hewitt 610-328-8059
Treatment of Chronic Pain Syndromes Dr. M. Cohen 215-955-6592
Temple University Tuttleman Counseling Services Dr. P. DeMaria 215-204-7276
University Health Services Dr. D. Nobleza 215-955-8420