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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Rate of tympanic membrane perforation after intratympanic steroid injection
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  8. The facial nerve and lateral skull base disorders
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  11. Middle ear meningiomas: A case series reviewing the clinical presentation, radiologic features, and contemporary management of a rare temporal bone pathology
  12. The Ototronix MAXUM system: Indications, techniques, and outcomes
  13. Implantable hearing devices: The ototronix MAXUM system
  14. Factors associated with recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma involving the temporal bone
  15. Evolving considerations in the surgical management of cholesteatoma in the only hearing ear
  16. Analysis of intersubject variations in intracochlear and middle ear surface anatomy for cochlear implantation
  17. Unilateral auditory performance before and after bilateral sequential cochlear implantation
  18. Clinical characteristics associated with isolated unilateral utricular dysfunction
  19. Outcomes comparing primary pediatric stapedectomy for congenital stapes footplate fixation and juvenile otosclerosis
  20. Cochlear implantation versus hearing amplification in patients with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder