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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

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  4. Incidence of an Anomalous Course of the Palmar Cutaneous Branch of the Median Nerve During Volar Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures
  5. Reliability of the Soong Classification for Volar Plate Position
  6. Wide Awake Trigger Finger Release Surgery: Prospective Comparison of Lidocaine, Marcaine, and Exparel
  7. Risk Factors for Ulnar Nerve Instability Resulting in Transposition in Patients with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  8. Results of operative intervention for finger stiffness after fractures of the hand
  9. A prospective evaluation of opioid utilization after upper-extremity surgical procedures: Identifying consumption patterns and determining prescribing guidelines
  10. Finger stiffness after fracture
  11. Incidence of hardware removal following volar plate fixation of distal radius fracture
  12. Routine use of locking shaft screws is not necessary in volar plate fixation of distal radius fractures
  13. Single-incision Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Comminuted Trapezium Fractures with Distal Radius Cancellous Autograft
  14. Common anomalous muscles encountered during upper extremity surgery
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  17. Regarding "Distal peripheral neuropathy after open and arthroscopic shoulder surgery: Anunder-recognized complication"
  18. Agreement among ASES members on the AAOS clinical practice guidelines
  19. Radiographic Stage Does Not Correlate with Symptom Severity in Thumb Basilar Joint Osteoarthritis
  20. Distal peripheral neuropathy after open and arthroscopic shoulder surgery: An under-recognized complication