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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Blocking collagen fibril formation in injured knees reduces flexion contracture in a rabbit model
  2. Are Preoperative Serologic Type and Screen Tests Necessary for Primary Total Joint Arthroplasty Patients in Specialty Surgical Hospitals?
  3. Auxiliary proteins that facilitate formation of collagen-rich deposits in the posterior knee capsule in a rabbit-based joint contracture model
  4. Designing recombinant collagens for biomedical applications
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  7. Total joint arthroplasty: Should patients have preoperative dental clearance?
  8. Bacterial biofilms and periprosthetic infections.
  9. Symptomatic pulmonary embolus after joint arthroplasty: Stratification of risk factors
  10. Reply to the letter to the editor: Symptomatic pulmonary embolus after joint arthroplasty: Stratification of risk factors
  11. Testing the anti-fibrotic potential of the single-chain Fv antibody against the α2 C-terminal telopeptide of collagen I
  12. Perioperative antibiotics
  13. Bacterial biofilms and periprosthetic infections
  14. Engineering and characterization of the chimeric antibody that targets the c-terminal telopeptide of the α2 chain of human collagen I: A next step in the quest to reduce localized fibrosis
  15. Skeletal diseases caused by mutations that affect collagen structure and function
  16. Recombinant procollagen II: Deletion of D period segments identifies sequences that are required for helix stabilization and generates a temperature-sensitive N-proteinase cleavage site
  17. A cDNA cassette system for the synthesis of recombinant procollagens. Variants of procollagen II lacking a D-period are secreted as triple-helical monomers
  18. Creation of a system for the assembly and expression of DNA constructs encoding novel recombinant human procollagen II
  19. The C-proteinase that processes procollagens to fibrillar collagens is identical to the protein previously identified as bone morphogenic protein-1