Shennan Weiss, MD, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Correlation between extreme fear and focal cortical dysplasia in anterior cingulate gyrus: Evidence from a surgical case of refractory epilepsy
  2. Delay differential analysis of seizures in multichannel electrocorticography data
  3. Identifying seizure onset zone from electrocorticographic recordings: A machine learning approach based on phase locking value
  4. Time-dependent evolution of seizures in a model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
  5. Impact of ocean acidification on the early development and escape behavior of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma)
  6. Visual Threat Assessment and Reticulospinal Encoding of Calibrated Responses in Larval Zebrafish
  7. The neural bases of ictal tachycardia in temporal lobe seizures
  8. Leukoencephalopathy with calcifications and cysts
  9. Feature Integration Drives Probabilistic Behavior in the Drosophila Escape Response
  10. Best basis selection using sparsity driven multi-family wavelet transform
  11. Human seizures couple across spatial scales through travelling wave dynamics
  12. iELVis: An open source MATLAB toolbox for localizing and visualizing human intracranial electrode data
  13. Recurring functional interactions predict network architecture of interictal and ictal states in neocortical epilepsy
  14. Wireless electrophysiology of the brain of freely swimming goldfish
  15. Leukoencephalopathy, cerebral calcifications, and cysts: A clinical case involving a long-term follow-up and literature review
  16. Emergence of selectivity to looming stimuli in a spiking network model of the optic tectum
  17. Ripples on spikes show increased phase-amplitude coupling in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy seizure-onset zones
  18. The origins of the brain's endogenous electromagnetic field and its relationship to provision of consciousness
  19. Interaction between synaptic inhibition and glial-potassium dynamics leads to diverse seizure transition modes in biophysical models of human focal seizures
  20. Cross-Frequency rs-fMRI Network Connectivity Patterns Manifest Differently for Schizophrenia Patients and Healthy Controls