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Robert L.. Brent, MD, PhD

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Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
1600 Rockland Road
Wilmington, DE 19899

(302) 651-6880

University Appointment

Distinguished Professor
Clinical Science Pediatrics
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Research and Clinical Interests

My interests in the vaccine issue is an important issue with all Pediatricians. Our specialty has a few renegades who are against vaccinations for many irrational and undocumented reasons. In 1972 I wrote a letter-to the editor to Pediatrics voicing my concern about the fact that the USA was discontinuing smallpox vaccination for smallpox. My letter indicated my concern that the Russians and Chinese were still vaccinating and that it was of concern to me that our population would become susceptible to smallpox germ warfare in one or two generations. My letter was recently published in Pediatrics as a "voice from the past". You have to read my letter and the Infectious disease committee's response to the letter. All my concerns have come to be valid concerns to which we have not addressed an adequate response.

I was on the dental amalgam committee of the National Inst of Dental Research and participated in the ethyl mercury risk in the vaccines conference in Atlanta that occurred four or five years ago at which the scientific community unanimously voted that the levels of mercury in these vaccines would not affect the CNS or are responsible for autism. I was invited to an international meeting of vaccine experts in France that dealt with the risks of immunizing pregnant women and the risk to the mother and fetus. The result of that meeting was two publications concerning this subject. Finally, I have been a consultant to a number of Pharmaceutical companies concerning the development of new vaccines (group B strep) and their risks if administered to pregnant women.