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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Chlamydia hijacks ARF GTPases to coordinate microtubule posttranslational modifications and golgi complex positioning
  2. A functional core of IncA is required for Chlamydia trachomatis inclusion fusion
  3. An ╬▒-helical core encodes the dual functions of the chlamydial protein IncA
  4. Escherichia coli exposure inhibits exocytic SNARE-mediated membrane fusion in mast cells
  5. Extracellular traps are associated with human and mouse neutrophil and macrophage mediated killing of larval Strongyloides stercoralis
  6. Two Coiled-Coil Domains of Chlamydia trachomatis IncA Affect Membrane Fusion Events during Infection
  7. A Novel Function for SNAP29 (Synaptosomal-Associated Protein of 29 kDa) in Mast Cell Phagocytosis
  8. The impact of bacterial infection on mast cell degranulation
  9. SNARE motif: A common motif used by pathogens to manipulate membrane fusion
  10. Intracellular bacteria encode inhibitory SNARE-like proteins
  11. SNARE protein mimicry by an intracellular bacterium
  12. Selective Activation of Cognate SNAREpins by Sec1/Munc18 Proteins
  13. Concerted auto-regulation in yeast endosomal t-SNAREs
  14. The specificity of SNARE-dependent fusion encoded in the SNARE motif
  15. i-SNAREs: Inhibitory SNAREs that fine-tune the specificity of membrane fusion
  16. Cell fusion | La fusion cellulaire
  17. SNAREs and associated regulators in the control of exocytosis in the RBL-2H3 mast cell line
  18. Mechanisms of membrane fusion | M├ęcanisme de la fusion membranaire
  19. A t-SNARE of the endocytic pathway must be activated for fusion
  20. Compartmental specificity of cellular membrane fusion encoded in snare proteins topological restriction of SNARE-dependent membrane fusion: Topological restriction of SNARE-dependent membrane fusion