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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Viruses in laboratory-reared cactus moth, Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
  2. Hypoglycemic brain injury: Potentiation from respiratory depression and injury aggravation from hyperglycemic treatment overshoots
  3. Stroke assessment: Morphometric infarct size versus neurologic deficit
  4. Early metabolic alterations in edematous perihematomal brain regions following experimental intracerebral hemorrhage
  5. Lobar intracerebral hemorrhage model in pigs: Rapid edema development in perihematomal white matter
  6. Effect of nitric oxide syntase inhibition on cerebral blood flow and injury Volume
  7. Normoglycemia (not hypoglycemia) optimizes outcome from middle cerebral artery occlusion
  8. Efficacious experimental stroke treatment with high-dose methylprednisolone
  9. Hyperglycemic versus normoglycemic stroke: Topography of brain metabolites, intracellular pH, and infarct size
  10. Hemorrhagic infarct conversion in experimental stroke
  11. Determiners of fatal reperfusion brain oedema.
  12. Delayed decreases in specific brain mitochondrial electron transfer complex activities and cytochrome concentrations following anoxia/ischemia
  13. Delayed onset of neurologic deterioration following anoxia/ischemia coincides with appearance of impaired brain mitochondrial respiration and decreased cytochrome oxidase activity
  14. Effect of hyperglycemia on infarct size after cerebrovascular occlusion in cats: To the editor
  15. A photoelastic study of stress induced by framework design in a maxillary resection
  16. Fatal strokes in hyperglycemic cats
  17. Delayed Neurologic Deterioration Following Anoxia: Brain Mitochondrial and Metabolic Correlates
  18. Hypoxic brain and heart injury thresholds in piglets
  19. Some reasons for compliance and noncompliance in a health maintenance organization breast cancer screening program
  20. Hyperglycemia enlarges infarct size in cerebrovascular occlusion in cats