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Primary Care Clinical Trials

Director: Christopher V. Chambers, MD  
Clinical Research Coordinator: Brittany L. Halzman, MS

(215) 955-4720
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Primary Care Clinical Trials (PCCT) performs a wide variety of clinical research studies under the auspices of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. Our experienced research staff includes full-time Faculty, Clinical Fellows, a Clinical Research Coordinator, Medical Techs and other administrative professionals. We have over 25 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry–supported clinical trials. Serving as Principal Investigator of the clinical trials is Christopher V. Chambers, MD.

Primary Care Clinical TrialsFrom left to right: Christopher Chambers, MD; Gianna Pandolfino, NRCMA; Abby Cabrera, MPH; and Geoffrey Mills, MD, PhD

Our areas of experience include trials related to: vaccines, cardiac heart failure, diabetes mellitus, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. We mostly participate in Phase III and outcome trials.

We are currently participating in the following clinical trials:

We are currently seeking participants for the following clinical trials:

  • No open studies at this time.  Please check back soon!

For more information regarding participation in a study or any general questions you may have regarding clinical trials, please contact Brittany L. Haltzman, MS at (215) 955-4720 or e-mail at

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Christopher V. Chambers, MD
Director, Primary Care Clinical Trials

Brittany L. Halzman, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator, Primary Care Clinical Trials

(215) 955-4720
(215) 955-8600 fax

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