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Houston Center Clinic


The Houston Clinic Committee organizes an acute care clinic at a South Philadelphia community space called the Houston Center. The clinic was founded in March 2012 with the intention of providing culturally sensitive medical care and social assistance for refugees whose Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) has expired after resettlement. The Houston Clinic Committee recruits volunteers and physicians, organizes community outreach, purchases and distributes medications, collects and protects patient charts, and conducts triage and flow management on the day of clinic.

Volunteer medical teams provide free acute care for conditions ranging from respiratory illnesses, minor injuries, musculoskeletal complaints, to gastrointestinal and genitourinary issues. Health screenings, vaccinations, and employment or education assessments are also conducted. Clinic at the Houston Center has been a successful and thriving RHP endeavor in large part due to its partnerships with United Communities Southeast Philadelphia, Migrant Education, the Nationalities Services Center, Refugee Mental Health Collaborative, and many others.

The clinic is held the first Wednesday of each month and offers an opportunity for students enrolled in any Jefferson program to serve the local refugee community among like-minded peers.


Clinic Directors


Assistant Clinic Directors


Every first Wednesday of the month from
5:30 to 8:00 PM

2029 South 8th Street
Volunteer teams meet at The Winged Ox statue beside Scott Library at 4:45 pm the day of clinic. Walk eastward on Walnut until 8th and Locust Streets. Bus #47 toward Whitman Plaza stops on the NW corner of the intersection. Take the bus to 8th and Snyder Streets. (approximately 13 minutes). The Houston Center is located on the NE corner of the intersection.

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