Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Health Care

JeffHOPE provides free care for acute and chronic conditions, with an emphasis on transitioning patients into proper primary care.  Medical care is provided by teams of one medical student in clinical training and one preclinical medical student, pharmacy, nursing or premedical student.  All teams are supervised by a precepting physician.

Medications for acute illnesses and common chronic conditions are stocked at each clinic and dispensed to patients free of charge.  Additional services offered at clinic include the following:

  • collection of blood and urine samples for send-out laboratory testing
  • blood glucose testing
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • pelvic examinations
  • incision & drainage of abscesses
  • immunizations
  • vitamin distribution
  • HIV testing

Our Advocacy Committee is responsible for social services consults/referrals as well as distribution of condoms, socks, hygiene products and reading glasses.  Select sites offer patient education on conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, women's health and smoking cessation. JeffHOPE for Kids provides fun and educational services for children at the shelters.

Patient receiving medication from clinic students.