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Eliza Shirley

The Eliza Shirley Shelter is one of the largest shelters for women and children. It serves as the intake shelter to provide short term housing and intermediate placement for families. The Eliza Shirley House is an emergency shelter facility with two missions: to provide short term lodging, meals, and immediate needs to displaced families and to provide longer term residential counseling, social work, and referral services to homeless single and pregnant women 18 or older, 365 days a year. The Eliza Shirley House provides safe, sanitary housing in a drug/alcohol-free environment. Nutritious meals are served and caring, experienced staff are on hand at all times. Qualified volunteers provide free legal services, medical care, and referral services.

Eliza Shirley Shelter

  • Mondays, 6-9 PM
  • 1320 Arch Street, Philadelphia
  • (215) 568-5111

Kristina Conigliaro
Clinic Director

The JeffHOPE clinic at Eliza Shirley provides general adult and pediatric care to the residents of this shelter. There is a private exam room, which allows for short surgical procedures and the space to address patients’ gynecologic concerns. The JeffHOPE Kids Committee provides supervision as well as educational programming for children residing at Eliza Shirley during the hours of operation for the clinic.