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ACTS Shelter

ACTS is a recovery house for women and their children providing a variety of services and programs to their residents. Programs include supportive drug and alcohol services, continuing education for literacy or GED and college prep, job training, health service referrals, counseling and assistance in family reunification, and recreational programs. A.C.T.S. (Acts Christian Transitional Service) was established in 1976 by Reverend Dr. Marlella Elizabeth Gantt, a native of Philadelphia. ACTS began as a ministry of Acts of the Apostles Church in Jesus Christ. The program provided shelter to abused women and children who came to the Church. In 1998 ACTS joined forces with the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Office of Addiction Services (DBH/OAS) in order to facilitate a Supportive (Recovery) House. The Recovery House is for adult women in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Programs, as well as women who were recently incarcerated.

ACTS Christian Translational Services:

Cara Siegel
Clinic Director

The JeffHOPE clinic at ACTS reopened in 2009 after being shut down for a few years due to a fire at the shelter. We provide general adult and pediatric care to the residents of this shelter. We provide health maintenance visits, sick visits, blood sugar checks, adult immunizations, birth control, diabetes education, and parenting classes. We have a private exam room, which allows for us to perform short surgical procedures, address patients’ gynecologic concerns, and give patients the privacy they desire. The JeffHOPE Kids Committee provides supervision as well as educational programming for children residing at ACTS during the hours of operation for the clinic.