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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Schonberg: Overutilization of Breast Cancer Screening in the US
  2. Effects of genetic and environmental risk assessment feedback on colorectal cancer screening adherence
  3. Using concept mapping to explore barriers and facilitators to breast cancer screening in formerly homeless women with serious mental illness
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  5. The increasing incidence of young-onset colorectal cancer: A call to action
  6. Increasing colon cancer screening in primary care among African Americans
  7. Genetic and environmental risk assessment and colorectal cancer screening in an average-risk population: A randomized trial
  8. Cost-effectiveness of a standard intervention versus a navigated intervention on colorectal cancer screening use in primary care
  9. Colorectal Cancer Screening in the Framework of the Medical Home Model: Findings From Focus Groups and Interviews
  10. A randomized controlled trial of a tailored navigation and a standard intervention in colorectal cancer screening
  11. Variation in Colorectal Cancer Screening Steps in Primary Care: Basis for Practice Improvement
  12. Weight status and perception of colorectal cancer risk
  13. Race and response to colon cancer screening interventions
  14. Race/ethnicity, gender, weight status, and colorectal cancer screening
  15. A randomized trial of genetic and environmental risk assessment (GERA) for colorectal cancer risk in primary care: Trial design and baseline findings
  16. Reflections of medical students regarding the care of geriatric patients in the continuing care retirement community
  17. Factors associated with colorectal cancer screening decision stage
  18. Developing a quality screening colonoscopy referral system in primary care practice: A report from the national colorectal cancer roundtable
  19. Tailored navigation in colorectal cancer screening.
  20. Cost-effectiveness of targeted and tailored interventions on colorectal cancer screening use