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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. ERK-mediated phosphorylation regulates SOX10 sumoylation and targets expression in mutant BRAF melanoma
  2. Novel therapeutic strategies and targets in advanced uveal melanoma
  3. CKS1 expression in melanocytic nevi and melanoma
  4. Response and resistance to paradox-breaking BRAF inhibitor in melanomas in vivo and Ex vivo
  5. A Comprehensive Patient-Derived Xenograft Collection Representing the Heterogeneity of Melanoma
  6. “If you want to go far, go together”
  7. Establishment of an orthotopic patient-derived xenograft mouse model using uveal melanoma hepatic metastasis
  8. Inhibition of age-related therapy resistance in melanoma by rosiglitazone-mediated induction of klotho
  9. Dysregulated GPCR signaling and therapeutic options in uveal melanoma
  10. Co-Targeting HGF/cMET Signaling with MEK Inhibitors in metastatic uveal melanoma
  11. Running INTERFERONce on immunotherapy
  12. The Autophagy Receptor Adaptor p62 is Up-regulated by UVA Radiation in Melanocytes and in Melanoma Cells
  13. An in vivo reporter to quantitatively and temporally analyze the effects of CDK4/6 inhibitor-based therapies in melanoma
  14. Triple jeopardy for people with albinism
  15. The melanoma field with dendritic roots
  16. The state of melanoma: challenges and opportunities
  17. Targeting mutant NRAS signaling pathways in melanoma
  18. Of Mice and melanoma: PDX system for modeling personalized medicine
  19. Welcome to the New Year!
  20. MIG6 Is MEK Regulated and Affects EGF-Induced Migration in Mutant NRAS Melanoma