Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


Past, present, and future projects at the Jefferson Artificial Pancreas Center have important biomedical engineering components that are being addressed through collaborations within our institution and externally. Such collaborations permit the development of specific methods, materials, hardware, and software necessary to conduct research.

Intramural collaborations allow us to utilize the broad expertise of the university. We draw upon the clinical experience of Drs. Yeo, Kennedy and Rosato in the Department of Surgery. Fellows from the Division of Endocrinology rotate through our lab to experience clinical research. The Department of Experimental Therapeutics’ Division of Biostatics provides statistical analysis.


Extramural collaborations with professors and students in the chemical, electrical, and material sciences fields have facilitated the investigation of new methods of insulin delivery and biomaterial implantation, as well as the development of computer models for automated insulin delivery. Dr. Anthony Lowman has been instrumental in developing unique hydrogels for implantation of permanent drug delivery systems. Dr. Moshe Kam and Dr. Allon Guez have provided expertise in control systems and automation, critical areas of research for the achievement of closed-loop insulin delivery.