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Our Mission & History

Mission Statement

Two Doctors

Our Mission is to become a world-leading laboratory for (i) medical device research, development, and testing, (ii) education of medical students, resident physicians, fellows, and faculty how to develop medical devices and perform animal/human research, and (iii) research, development, and clinical application of an artificial pancreas for hospitalized patients and ambulatory patients with diabetes.

APC History

The Artificial Pancreas Center was founded in 1998 with support from the Department of Anesthesiology, Jefferson Medical College, and Thomas Jefferson University. Under the direction of Jeffrey I Joseph, DO, the center sought to facilitate the research and development of technology for the real-time monitoring and control of blood glucose and insulin levels in patients with diabetes.  Initial work within the center focused on the development of an implantable optical blood glucose sensor in collaboration with Animas Corporation, a company Dr. Joseph helped found in 1996.