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IRB Announcements

Date Description
Aug 04 2017 CITI Training Requirements for Investigators and Key Personnel
Feb 02 2017 OHR Welcomes Schulman Associates IRB as New Partner
Dec 28 2016 Elimination of OHR-12C
Dec 16 2016 IRB Reminder Emails
Sep 01 2016 Suggested Methods for Using Version Date and Version Number
Jun 23 2016 Number of Full Review Packets Changed
May 31 2016 SAE and UAP Summary Reports
Apr 29 2016 Expedited IRB Submissions are Now Paperless
Feb 18 2016 IRB Website Updates
Nov 18 2015 New Essential Study Documentation Webpage
Nov 04 2015 New Frequently Used Documents Link on OHR Website
Nov 04 2015 Additional IRB Options with WIRB-Copernicus Group
Oct 22 2015 Welcome to the new Office of Human Research Website
Aug 31 2015 Quorum IRB Review Goes Live
May 29 2015 IRB Announcements are Now Available on Our Website
May 27 2015 Amendments Changing PI
Apr 10 2015 Subject Initial Requirement on Consent Form Eliminated
Feb 06 2015 Provision of Paper Copy for IRB Submissions
Jan 09 2015 Password-Protected Documents in the Portal
Jan 09 2015 WIRB Application Process is Now Live
Jan 07 2015 OHR-1 is Now Exclusive Signature Form

IRB Policy & Form Revision Announcements

To find what changes were made to a particular version of a policy/form, click on the date closest to the version date of that policy/form.