Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Application Process

The Department of Housing and Residence Life is now accepting housing applications for the 2017-2018 year. Students should submit a housing application using the TJU Housing Portal. To officially complete your application, please make sure to type in all of the required information and click “save and continue.”

Roommates: First year, incoming students who wish to be paired with a future roommate can opt to be included in the roommate selection process. Students can create a web profile on the Housing Portal for other students to view and also view other students looking for roommates. Once you have found someone you are interested in living with, request them as a roommate. If the potential roommate is interested they will accept you. 

PLEASE NOTE: Male and Female students can request to live together in Barringer or Orlowitz (see Co-educational Housing Policy). Students requesting to live with their spouse (non-Jefferson) must submit proof of marriage to the DHRL office. 

Timeline for Housing Selection Process

Please submit an application at your earliest convenience to be considered for on-campus housing once you receive your campus key. . Applications should be submitted by May 31 to be guaranteed housing. Applications are given priority based on the date they are received.



May/June Arrivals: Housing applications will be available through the Housing Portal for those students who plan to arrive at the end of the current academic year. Applications will continue to be available until April 31.

July/August/September Arrivals: Housing applications will be available through the Housing Portal for those students who plan to matriculate the following academic year. Applications will continue to be accepted throughout the year until June 30. After completing the application, students will receive an email in the spring with a timeslot to select their apartment/room.

First year students are guaranteed a university housing assignment offer if: a) applications are submitted by May 31, and b) official acceptance to TJU for a fall or pre-fall term is received by May 31.



Applications are processed and housing assignments are assigned for Jefferson affiliates who are required to arrive on campus in May/June.


New students arriving in July/August/September will receive an email to their Jefferson email address with a timeslot for the housing lottery. Students will then be able to select their apartment/room during their allotted timeslot.


New students arriving in July/August/September can log into the Housing Portal during their allotted timeslot to select their apartment/room.


The Housing Portal closes June 30 for new students. Any new housing applications received after this date will be manually assigned based off the remaining housing available.

Finalizing your Housing

After selecting an apartment/room and roommate (if applicable) during your allotted timeslot, students will then need to complete the following items in the Housing Portal to officially finalize their housing.

  • Select a move-in date (based off the start date of your program)
  • Sign housing contract
  • Sign lead based paint disclosure
  • Upload proof of renter’s insurance

All residents will need to submit a $500 security deposit via the Housing Portal once the application is complete.

Students planning to live in Barringer or Orlwitz will also be required to pay their first month’s rent. To do this students should plan to mail a check to the Housing Office within five (5) business days after completing the application. The first month's rent check should be made out to "PMC Property Group." Both the deposit and first month's rent must be paid in order to fully reserve their apartment or room.

Please note: the security deposit is non-refundable if you breach the terms of the contract.