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This is a 3 course in Ayers Sensory Integration.  The course work is 100% online and the credits can be applied towards a Doctoral Degree in Occupational Therapy (OTD) at Thomas Jefferson University.

Taught by International leaders in occupational therapy/sensory integration clinical practice and research:

Faculty with expertise in applying sensory integration:



OT 771 Sensory Integration Theoretical and Neurological Foundations 3
OT 772 Assessment of Sensory Integration  3
OT 773 Implementing Sensory Integration Intervention in OT  3
OT 774 Applying Sensory Integration Principles in Context  3

Course Descriptions

OT 771 Sensory Integration: Theoretical and Neurological Foundations (3 Credits)

This course provides students an overview of the theory and neural foundations of sensory integration including core principles and concepts of Ayres Sensory Integration®, common patterns of sensory integrative function and dysfunction, neural mechanisms of sensory integration and translating theory to practice. Students will be exposed to the latest evidence related to the use of sensory integration.

OT 772 Assessment of Sensory Integration and Using Assessment Data for Treatment Planning (3 Credits)

The course provides an overview of the process of assessment through treatment planning in sensory integration. Data-driven decision making is introduced as a systematic method to guide the process of identifying a child’s strengths and participation challenges, and assessment of the sensory and motor factors that may be impacting participation. Students will gain a familiarity with specific assessment tools and strategies, develop the ability to analyze the assessment data, and develop the hypotheses to guide treatment.

OT 773 Implementing Sensory Integration Intervention in Occupational Therapy (3 credits)

Building on the skills and knowledge gained in the prior two courses, students will learn to create intervention plans using the ASI approach. Intervention plans will build from the Data Driven Decision Making Process and are based on evaluation data and best evidence. This course begins with understanding and choosing valid and reliable proximal and distal outcome measures and progresses to treatment planning. Students will gain competence in the use of the ASI Fidelity Measure to guide the implementation process and learn strategies for addressing participation challenges rooted in sensory integration. Students will apply their new knowledge in a treatment session.

OT 774 Applying Sensory Integration Principles in Context (3 Credits)

In this course participants will apply their knowledge and skill learned in OT 771, 772, and 773 by working with a mentor and creating a systematic case report. In the mentored experience participants will work with an expert in ASI for a minimum of 40 hours (mentor must be approved by course instructors) and achieve skill in the implementation of ASI. Participants will also create a systematic case report to demonstrate their skills in the application of occupational therapy using Sensory Integration.