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Chart of Accounts

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Operational Notes & Procedures

The Chart of Accounts provides for comprehensive financial analysis and reporting.

  • Structure uses "chartfields" to record financial transactions:
    • AP business unit (3 digit) - represents legal entity
    • GL business unit (3 digit) - represents company or organizational unit
    • Department (5 digit) - represents area using the dollars
    • Account (4 digit) - represents what the dollars are used for
    • Product (6 digit) - optional-represents further delineation of where the dollars come from such as endowment fund, sponsored project, gift fund, special purpose fund
  • Requests for a new University or JUP department, product or account must be approved by your divisional financial officer and should be forwarded to the Director of Accounting:  
    • New department/product
    • Department name
    • Home department
    • Timekeeper name
    • Timekeeper location
    • Timekeeper extension
    • New account
    • Account name
    • Account purpose
    • Business unit and department related to account/product
    • Manager ID (9 digit employee number) for department/product

Ensuring Success Tidbits

Use valid chartfield combination on transactions:


Jefferson Policies and Procedures, accessible via Pulse (left navigation, after logging in)

  • #103.16 Special Purpose Fund Accounts
  • #102.11 The Jefferson Foundation Gift Acceptance Policies
  • #103.27 Endowment Spending Policy