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Medical Spanish Interpreter Training Course

Established in 2015, first-year SKMC students who are fluent in Spanish can take an intensive six-month online course in Medical Spanish.  The course is administered through Canopy, a program developed by the National Institutes of Health, and is designed to train students to become certified Medical Spanish translators.  Students who are selected for the program and complete the course receive credit for their required first year humanities course.

Students who complete the course and receive certification will have the opportunity to serve as medical translators in the Jefferson Health System during their second, third and fourth years of medical school.  During the fourth year, students who have completed the program and have provided translation services will be offered the opportunity to do a one month health care elective in a Spanish-speaking country.

Language Service - Health Equity

Language Service Health Equity chart

Reducing Health and Education Disparities

The Medical Spanish Translator Program is one component of a comprehensive and targeted approach to eliminating health and education in underrepresented minority groups. Students who participate in the program are members of the Jefferson Latino Medical Students Association.

Reducing Health and Education Disparities chart