Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Diversity Developments


February 2015: Joseph Hill was appointed as Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer For Thomas Jefferson University.  Mr. Hill was formerly the Chief Diversity Officer for Froedert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

January 2014: Traci Trice, MD was appointed as Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Diversity Programs.  Dr. Trice is an Instructor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and a graduate of the TJUH Family Medicine Residency (2010-2013).

Drs. Lopez and Trice completed the American Association of Medical College Healthcare Executive Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program.  This is a six-month intensive program designed to provide formal education in diversity and inclusion and to establish networking opportunities with diversity leaders in healthcare organizations across the country.

September 2013: Bernard L. Lopez, MD, MS was appointed as Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Engagement.  Dr. Lopez was formerly Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Career Counseling (2001-2013) and is currently the Vice Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine.


The SKMC Faculty Hiring Policy was instituted in July 2014.  It defines diversity and inclusion and outlines specific methods to assure that all faculty recruitment efforts directly address diversity.

A quarterly Diversity Conversation Café was established in April 2014 as a forum for SKMC faculty to have conversations around diversity and inclusion issues.Participants come together to discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion.  They are safe zones of conversation - to participate, all are asked to voice their opinions, be respectful of others' opinions, and keep comments confidential.

SKMC is an active member of The Regional Cooperative on Minority Faculty Development. This is a joint collaboration with Cooper, Penn, Temple, PCOM, Drexel and Rowan Osteopathic that consists of a yearly conference with follow-up webinars. In 2015, through this collaborative, Jefferson hosted the first ever Inter-Institutional Strategic Planning Meeting for Diversity and Inclusion.  This meeting gathered the diversity and inclusion leaders from all seven of the participating medical Colleges to determine collaborations to advance diversity and inclusion.

The SKMC Council on Diversity and Inclusion, an organization of students, faculty, chairs, key leaders charged with addressing diversity issues and promoting initiatives, developed 20 action plan items in 2015 to promote diversity and inclusion in the medical college. It has since created a scorecard of non-traditional diversity metrics to measure progress.

Grand Rounds: In May 2015, SKMC and the Kimmel Cancer Center hosted Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD.  Dr. Jones presented a talk titled, “Achieving Health Equity: Addressing Racism and Other structured Systems Barriers”.

Faculty DevelopmentFaculty Development: In April and November 2015, Dr. Bernard Lopez presented a faculty development seminar titled, "Unconscious Bias: How Does it Affect Your Work and Personal Life?"

Research: the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (ODII) is currently providing support (technical, financial) with Dr. Andrea Braverman (research director for the Department of OBGYN) in a study examining OBGYN and Family Medicine residents educational needs regarding LGBTQ patients.


October 2015: A student-run symposium, “Racism in Medicine”, sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, was held at SKMC on October 17. It was attended by 90 students from a number of area medical schools

A team of students along with Dr. Lopez participated in the recruitment at the Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA) Annual Meeting

April 2015:  A team of students, residents, and faculty participated in recruitment at the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Annual Medical Education Conference.  A reception for student attendees was co-sponsored by the Sidney Kimmel Medical College and Christianacare Health System.

January 2014: The SKMC Student Admissions Policy, which defines diversity and inclusion as well as specific methods to assure that the admissions process directly addresses diversity and assures a diverse candidate pool for interviewing was instituted. The SKMC Student Retention Policy was instituted to codify long-time existing practices in student retention.  It acknowledges that students who are underrepresented in medicine may have unique needs regarding retention in medical College.

The leaders of the nine student diversity affinity groups were organized into a council of student diversity group.  This allowed the groups to collaborate and promote diversity and inclusion among the SKMC student body in a unified fashion. 

A monthly Diversity Dialogue was established in April 2014 as a forum for SKMC students to have open and confidential conversations around diversity and inclusion issues. Participants come together to discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion.  They are safe zones of conversation - to participate, all are asked to voice their opinions, be respectful of others' opinions and keep comments confidential


Diversity leaders from the six colleges that comprise Thomas Jefferson University formed the TJU Diversity and Inclusion Action Council.

The Associate Dean of Diversity and Community Engagement assisted with the Philadelphia Work Ready Program and the Cristo Rey High School partnership with TJUH.

The ODII assisted in the second annual, “The Human Library Project,” an event run by our Library. Readers (Jefferson students, staff, and faculty) registered to borrow books at Jefferson’s Human Library. A “book” was a person who volunteered to share their experiences of being discriminated against.  

June 2015: SKMC, in collaboration with Christianacare Health System, hosted the National Leadership Institute/Board of Directors meeting of the Student National Medical Association

Pipeline Program

June 2015: SKMC conducted the first ever Jefferson STEP-UP (Summer Training and Enrichment Program for Underrepresented Persons in medicine) program.  Underrepresented minority premedical college students received a formal medical college admission test (MCAT) preparation course, workshops on the medical College application process, and clinical shadowing experiences.   

SKMC, along with Nemours DuPont Hospital for Children and Christianacare Health System, partnered with Delaware Technical Institute on a 5-year, $2.4 million grant to develop the health care pipeline program for the state of Delaware

Health Disparities

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives initiated the development of a compendium of health disparities work at SKMC.