Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Campus Currency

Campus Currency is the innovative way to make cash-free purchases simply by presenting your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  The cashless campus environment allows purchases to be made on campus and at participating merchants.  Whether you're buying textbooks, movie tickets, lunch, coffee, snacks or sweathshirts, Campus Currency is all you need!

Your Campus Currency account can be activated by visiting Integrated Card Services in the Jefferson Bookstore with cash, Visa or MasterCard; enrolling in a pre-funded payroll deduction through Employee Self Service; loading your account with a credit card at the Online Card Center (GET); or via deposit at the Card Value Center in the Atrium Cafeteria (10th Street Side).

Campus Currency is accepted at locations both on and off campus as well as Freedom and Quaker City taxi cabs!

Use Campus Currency in the Atrium on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get 10% off your purchase!



Mon 8/14 - Fri 9/15


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