Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Organization & Board Reporting

The Internal Audit Director reports administratively to the Senior Vice President and University Counsel and functionally to the University’s Audit/Compliance Committee. 

On no less than an annual basis, the Director will submit to the Audit/Compliance Committee a written report on the internal audit activity during the preceding calendar year. The Director shall also make an oral report to the Committee covering annual activity.

Authorization & Responsibilities

Internal Audit has the authority and responsibility to audit all departments and systems of the University and Jefferson University Physicians. To the extent that the University provides management and administrative services to other related organizations, Internal Audit may provide audit services to them as well. In order to provide such services, Internal Audit shall have full and complete access to any of the organization's records, technology, physical properties, and personnel relevant to the performance of the audit. Documents and information given to internal auditors during a periodic review will be handled in the same prudent manner as by those employees normally accountable for them.

Since objectivity is essential to the audit function, Internal Audit will not engage in any activity that would otherwise impair their independence. They should not develop and install procedures, prepare records, or engage in activities that would normally be reviewed during the performance of their examination.

Senior Management is responsible for establishing internal controls for the University.  The Internal Audit Department’s primary role is to evaluate whether internal controls effectively and efficiently mitigate significant financial, operational, and compliance risks. The existence of the Internal Audit Department does not in any way relieve University personnel of the responsibilities assigned to them to establish internal controls and efficient operations in their business units.

Reporting Responsibilities

A written report will be prepared and issued by the Internal Audit Director following the conclusion of each audit. Normally, a draft copy of the report will be reviewed with the manager or department head, effected. The manager or department head of the activity or department receiving the final draft copy of the report will respond to specific comments or concerns on a timely basis. The response, which will indicate what actions were taken regarding specific report findings and recommendations, will be incorporated in the final report for distribution as appropriate.

Distribution of final reports will include the President, Audit/Compliance Committee Chair, Senior Officer(s) responsible for the audit area and action plan, Vice President for Finance and management responsible for the audit area and action plan.

The Senior Officer receiving the report is responsible for ensuring that progress is made toward correcting any unsatisfactory conditions. Internal Audit is responsible for determining whether the action taken is adequate to resolve audit findings. If the action is not adequate, Internal Audit will inform the Senior Vice President and University Counsel and the President of the University of the potential risk and exposure in allowing the unsatisfactory conditions to continue.