Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Annual Audit Plan

The Director of Internal Audit is responsible for developing an Annual Audit Plan regarding financial and operational controls in concert with the Chief Information Officer (or his or her designee), Vice President of Research, and the Associate counsel for Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management and presenting the Plan for approval by the Audit/Compliance Committee. Development of the plan will be based upon risk assessments of all departments, systems and functions of the University and interviews with senior financial and administrative management.

Any University manager, administrator, or other interested party may request a special audit or examination of a portion of the University's activities. In addition, such individuals may wish to consult Internal Audit when new systems are designed or old systems are redesigned, to ensure that the system adequately addresses controls. Decisions to perform special audits or consultations rest with the Director of Internal Audit, with approval by the Senior Vice President and University Counsel, and will be dependent upon the associated risks and availability of contingency time within the Annual Audit Plan.

From time to time, University department heads, managers, administrators and Senior Officers will be called upon to assist in the audit risk assessment process.