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National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Thomas Jefferson University to Celebrate the Contributions of Postdoctoral Scholars During National Postdoc Appreciation Week

National Postdoc Appreciation Week

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is holding the eighth annual National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week September 18 – 22, 2017. The Jefferson University is joining the celebration by organizing and hosting various events (listed below) from September 18th –to September 22nd, 2017. Come enjoy with your fellow postdocs.

Monday, September 18th

Morning Events

Jefferson Alumni Hall, Brent Auditorium, 2nd floor
Keynote:  The Academic Brain on Stress:  Frontal Lobe Fatigue, Procrastination, and Burnout

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Are you less productive than you could be?  Is your work making you exhausted instead of energized?  Do you have trouble making yourself tackle projects? Is procrastination an issue? Are you feeling burned-out even though you want to do what you do?  How do you know if you are burning out and what can you do about it? Discover three brain processes affecting academics and how to manage them for increased motivation and productivity.

Jefferson Alumni Hall, Eakins Lounge:
Raising Achievement by Reducing Stress and Increasing Happiness in Students and Faculty:  Science and Strategies

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At least 30% of your students have enough anxiety or stress to impair learning. Almost half of graduate students in a university study had depression. Faculty experience stress, as well. High stress impairs thinking and learning that can negatively impact academic performance. Learn how to reduce this obstacle to achievement.   This workshop includes:

  • The shocking statistics of the extent of the problem
  • The many ways anxiety, stress, and trauma affect academic performance in multiple pathways
  • What NOT to do – typical classroom practices that can make anxiety or stress worse
  • Research-based strategies for you and your students that
    • Reduce anxiety and stress in the moment
    • Help prevent physiological stress reactions
    • Increase happiness and well-being
    • Increase coping self-efficacy and resilience
    • Create a brain/body/mindset for higher performance
  • Creation of an Action Plan for yourself and your students

Afternoon Event

4:00pm-5:00 pm
Hamilton Building, Connelly Auditorium:
Keynote:  Creativity and the Brain:  Science and Strategies

Is creativity really a right-brained activity? Do some people have it and others do not? Is it related to IQ? What is the relationship between academic achievement, innovation and creativity? In this presentation you will learn:
*The difference between critical thinking and creative thinking
   -Different brain processes
   -Different brain regions more active
   -Different strategies
*Characteristics of creative thinkers and how to develop those
*Strategies for becoming more creative
*Classroom strategies to enhance creativity

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Tuesday, September 19th

12:00pm -1:00pm
Hamilton Building, 4th Floor Lobby
BBQ Lunch

Enjoy a relaxing lunch with your fellow postdocs.

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Wednesday, September 20th

3:00pm -4:00pm
Jefferson Alumni Hall, room 469, Grad Student Lounge
Coffee, Donuts and Bingo!

Meet and network with other postdocs over coffee and donuts. Play, chat and have fun with Bingo and win some cool prizes!

Thursday, September 21st

4:30pm-5:30 pm
Free Yoga class. Relax, invigorate, and enjoy!

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Bring a beach towel/yoga mat

Friday, September 22nd

Lubert Plaza
Volleyball Match followed by a Social Hour. Come have some fun in the sun with Volleyball, whether you play or cheer on the players and then enjoy appetizers at a local restaurant.