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Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4)
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of academic background makes a student eligible for P4?

The Program is designed for academically accomplished individuals seeking to participate in extensive shadowing and volunteer opportunities and fulfill their science requirements before applying for admission to medical/professional school.

Therefore, it is not a “grade-enhancer” program for applicants desiring to improve their grades in the basic sciences. If you have completed more than half of the required coursework for medical school or if you have taken the MCAT, you are not eligible for this program.

How many slots are available in the program?

In 2015, we anticipate to accept approximately 25 students per cohort.

When is the application deadline?

The P4 program accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis until the program reaches capacity.

We have scholarship deadlines whcih are:

Summer (one-year accelerated): March 1st
Fall (two-year): June 1st

What’s the difference between the one-year accelerated and two-year tracks?

The one-year track provides students with an accelerated curriculum and is more appropriate for students who already have clinical and volunteer experiences.

The two-year track provides students with more time to complete their coursework, as well as providing additional time for outside activities (clinical/volunteer opportunities, part-time employment, etc.).

Both tracks provide students with identical training and curriculum to prepare them for admission to medical/professional school.

How can I check the status of my application?

The Office of Admissions will contact applicants upon receiving their application and notify them when the application is complete. Applicants may contact the office to check on their status.

Phone: 215-503-4400

Can I work full-time while enrolled in the Program?

P4 classes and cohort-related activities are held during most weekdays. The one-year track schedule is very rigorous, and we do not recommend working during this intense program. We recommend discussing this with your advisor.

It is possible to work in a limited capacity if taking the two-year track. We recommend discussing this with your advisor.

While I’m enrolled in P4, what type of facilities will I have access to?

While enrolled in P4, you are a student of Thomas Jefferson University and are offered access to campus facilities and activities, including the fitness center, health and counseling services and participation in student life activities and organizations. 

What will P4 students do during the summer between their first and second year?

We highly encourage students to use their summer for extensive participation in shadowing, clinical research and community volunteer opportunities with mentors in healthcare-related fields.

How will P4 prepare me for the MCAT exam?

One-Year Accelerated Track: P4 students take an MCAT preparation course, included as part of the program.

Two-Year Track: During the second year, P4 students will take an MCAT preparation course, included as part of the program.

Are P4 students eligible for on-campus housing?

Yes. Our Housing and Residence Life webpage contains the information regarding on-campus housing options as well as off-campus housing opportunities.